Pawtner- ASIA First AI-Driven App That Is Revolutionising Pet Adoptions

Pawtner consolidates the segmented market into one as well, increasing the demand for the providers while giving users a better user experience under the unified platform. 

Launched in Aug 2021, Pawtner is now the leading super app in the pet industry that provides an all-in-one solution to pet adoption and all pet-related services.

Bridging the connection gap between shelter and adopter

There are over 40 shelters and rescue groups in Singapore, many of which are staffed with volunteers and lack adequate resources. Furthermore, since the implementation of social distancing measures in April 2020, animal shelters have been seeing a tenfold increase in adoption and foster rates, stretching their operational capabilities thin. 

These challenges come from the different processes in place - screening of adopters, pet availability status updates, daily care of the animal, paperwork, manpower to communicate with adopters, as well as the different channels these adopters come in by - some through the website, some Facebook, some walk-ins, etc.

With Pawtner, gone are the days of combing through multiple shelters, submitting numerous applications to each of them, and fussing over the whole adoption process. Leveraging consolidated data from all the integrated providers, Pawtner utilises algorithms to curate and personalise user experience, including end-to-end services for pet-related services as well, such as food, medical, insurance, etc. 

Under a unified platform, pet and pet service providers have easy access to the whole market, allowing adoption rates and businesses to scale. 

The Super App for Pet Owners 

Pawtner was made for adoptions, but it does not stop at adoptions. Users are also provided with customised post-adoption subscription packages based on their chosen pet. This includes all types of pet-related services ranging from toys, food, insurance, and more. This particular service attracts not just adopters, but also current pet owners who need this convenience. With Pawtner social, pet owners are able to interact and connect to form a community. 

A connected network of partners across Singapore and Malaysia 

Shopee has partnered with Pawtner, giving away $100 vouchers to pet owners for every successful adoption. Supported by the SMU Incubation Programme, and featured in Tech in Asia’s virtual startup factory, as well as in SEA Entrepreneur, Pawtner is taking centre stage in the pet industry. 

Pawtner is available in Singapore and Malaysia, digitalising more than 10 shelter operations, with more than 1000 animal profiles in their database. We are looking at the next regional super-app in this industry. Stay tuned!

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